Welcome to Meeting Monkey

M² is a tool for collaborative meetings where multiple people work together in exchanging, discussing, prioritizing, and deciding upon multiple ideas and issues related to the purpose of the meeting.

M² supplements existing presentation tools like PowerPoint, where direct participant participation can be supported and enhanced by electronic collaboration. It is not the place where the meeting agenda or presentation topics are represented, rather it is a tool where ideas and opinions are captured and manipulated.

M² allows the leader or facilitator of a meeting to plan the collaborative portions of a meeting as a series of one or more activities. Each activity can be configured with a variety or permissions for commenting, grouping, and prioritization. Each activity can be configured to start with no existing information, selected information based on a previous activity, or baseline information entered by the leader during planning. Once the meeting begins the leader controls when each activity is presented to the participants, and when the activity is considered complete and no further actions are allowed.

M² allows participants to submit activity information electronically for all other participants to see in real time. It supports distillation of the submitted information by grouping and categorizing, as well as several voting and prioritization methods. During the course of the meeting participants can add electronic comments for any idea, group, or voting result supplementing the verbal meeting dialog. Additionally, for each of these ideas, groups, or voting results M² supports the creation of a corresponding action plan tracking the steps, responsible party, and estimated completion time.

Upon completion of a M² meeting the leader can press a button and get a complete meeting report capturing for each activity all ideas, categories, votes, comments, and action plans. This information can be exported for manipulation by other analytical and reporting tools.